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'cause, just my theory, if there's an script like that, then it would be easier, just make it check file save, and depend on the largest variable set on the save, it will change another image name to "title" and change "title" to another name
If you pm me a link to your animated title screen script, I can help make this compatible for it. My script more or less does what you're saying. It's probably a matter of your animated title screen also overwrites create_background.

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Hello, where can I find the list of all watched threads? I've been using the Watch function to save the Threads I want to keep but I don't find the list anywhere....

New card design, thanks to all my free time quarantined. (Hope that's not too big of an image XD )
What do you do when you're your family's resident computer 'expert'...but you are anything but a computer expert?
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