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Okay, will make sure to get the new version :)
Thanks, and sorry about the extra trouble. I haven't fixed the things you mentioned yet, though, so I'll get to that next. I just wanted to get the bug fix out there as soon as possible.
I forgot to mention that I'd like to keep the shadows because of a good mapping tutorial I read. Also, I'm sorry to say I prefer random encounters. About there being no flee option, that's only true for bosses like the ogre. Just use the escape command for normal battles. I did fix Jessie's frequency and the inn stairs.
It's totally fine, like I said that's just my own opinion. If you prefer random encounters thats what you should go for of course :) And seems like the 'no escape' command was a fail from my part. I'm just not used to have to click on the left arrowkey in order to find the Fight and Escape options. They are usually there initially, instead of the Attack menu for the actors, guess that's why I missed it :)
What I meant by minor and invisible is, for example, when you walk from one room inside a building to another room in that same building. Stars are for entering a larger structure with possible sub areas. eg. Towns and cities have multiple buildings in them.
Ah yes. But what I mean was the exits and the entrance of the buildings, they are marked with a star but when you move up to them you have to press the action button in order to enter. What I mean was that it would be much smoother if you just walked up to it and it transferd automatically.

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asking this here instead of the thread in question to avoid derailing it, but I'm curious; is there a particular reason you'd include a "Terms of Use" for an RPG Maker game? Like, are there multiplayer features for the game you're working on?
The holidays are upon us! Everyone search for safety from the grocery store music!
I don't understand people sometime. Walking to work today came across someone walking the opposite way in a nice suit, I politely move to the side into the shrubbery so he doesn't have to get his suit dirty and say "good morning" as he passes me, he turns around glaring daggers and asks "why are you talking to me?" like he's bloody offended by me wishing him a good morning or something. Just, why?
I dreamed about watching Gackt concert live.
He was riding some kind of crescent moon boat.
But his appearance resembled Andhika Kangen Band (Indonesian singer),
and the first song he sang was L'arc en Ciel's Hitomi no Jyuunin.
Weird, but still beautiful though. :D
I've been working on making a simple sprite frame system. And I'm really happy with the progress.

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