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If you're talking about Android games that are on the Google Play market using RTP graphics, they are using a custom engine and illegally using the RTP. There is no exporter for Ace at all and only a wrapper for XP, which is buggy as crap.

They are still working on the exporter for other systems. Keep in mind that in order for them to be exported, they also have to export Ruby scripts, which most mobile system and consoles do not use or support.
yeah i know, ive been interested in this for quite some time but never seem to get a decent reply from any staff that may be involved in the creation of this tool! D&D is a good example of a succesful port as ive played it myself and its very fun and the touch interface is really easy to navigate. just wish they could release an official version for us developers as it would benefit the commercial developers A LOT imo
Well, they can't talk about development for various reasons. Usually it's to not get people's hopes up in case it never goes through. Converting Ruby scripting (especially custom stuff) into something that a mobile OS or a console can use is not easy. Not to mention that any scripts that use the Windows API (which there are several that do), would not even be able to be used without serious re-writes from the author of said script.

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Lol these new tiles are looking cute. :B
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I noticed random Japanese dialogue in the FF7 remake while playing in English. More than once. Just now I saved a vid where Tifa spoke Japanese after a battle. We all make mistakes lol, this is kinda funny though
I wonder if the new RPG Maker will have a built-in ABS for maps or a light effect system plugin out of the box.
Not having false expectations, but if it has both, then wow. I am gonna party all night. Nah I lie. I will party all night anyway, just searching for a good excuse. :stickytongue:

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