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Alexander Amnell
Same here, my game would not exist without aid from a myriad of people within this community, and I like to think that I've contributed where I can as well, however limited that help may be comparatively.

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A friend told me to stop making nomnom or gulping noise when eating or drinking. Plot twist of my life. I thought people can't hear that!
Inside you are two wolves. They take in oxygen while getting rid of the Co2 gas in your body...
Ah wait, sorry. Lungs. Not wolves. that'd be silly. Wolves are huge. You probably couldnt even fit one wolf inside you.
Tag: hack and slash | gameplay: point and click. Me: "How tf two are related to each other?"
I picked up For The King in a Humble Bundle sale, and one mechanic that stuck out to me was a physical change to the world map when finishing a side quest. That got me thinking about special map-effect rewards for certain side quests in my game.
Stream will be live shortly with some Witcher 3! Feel free to drop by!

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