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Waiting is the better choice, since it gives your thread more to work with when you do create it.
imo it's best to wait, for the above reasons and lest you get bored and drop the project.
Alexander Amnell
Alexander Amnell
definitely not a bad idea, I've been working on my game for 8 months and still haven't released a thread on it yet (I'm going to, just biding my time for animated enemies first)

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Helldivers is so much fun!
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If there's one thing I hate about myself, it's that I procrastinate. Ever since I started looking stuff up on how to properly balance and create armour, weapons and skills; I've let myself down in progress.
So I was at the dentist yesterday and she said,"I'm gonna propose to Dr. Anderson...(Then she paused as she thought what to say). And I said,"I think he is a little old for you." She laughed good naturedly. Then she jabbed sharp things in my mouth for the next 3 hours.
Update on my experiment with uploading my Android games to the Amazon app store: made about $45 in 2 months, but 0 sales for the past 3 weeks. Not sure its worth the effort.

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