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Alexander Amnell
Alexander Amnell
I tried to draw my dog a couple days ago... it did not turn out okay-looking at all.
Drawing actual, real animals is tough. Actually no, it's IMPOSSIBLE.
Alexander Amnell
Alexander Amnell
I wasn't going for realistic... I was just going for dog-like... but it wasn't even that.

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Upcoming boss. Messing around with the tint as it's in a drained sewer system.
Okay... This was an important decision. What to say. Happy autumn. :)

It seems opening MZ with the executable doesn't register it in steam. So on my steam account, it says I only used MZ for 5 hours lol.
Our program, who art in memory,
Called by thy name;
Thy operating system run;
Thy function be done at runtime as it was on development.
Give us this day our daily output.
And forgive us our code duplication,
as we forgive those who
duplicate code against us.
And lead us not into frustration;
But deliver us from GOTOs.
For thine is algorithm,
The computation, and the solution,
Looping forever and ever.
NeoPGX wrote on Kes's profile.
Oh hey I just saw your comment on my profile status update.

The thing is I have twitter set up mark all my content as being potentially sensitive by default. I do it as a precaution even though I very rarely upload any such content.

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