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I have. My laptop is using Windows 8. I can tell a slight increase in speed when it comes to opening files and such. It has also decreased my boot up time! :D
thank you for the response =) how much it did cost? how the conversion last? did you keep your files intact? no reformatting etc? =)
The cost basically depends on two things. The size of the SSD and if you have a professional computer repairman replace it. I was able to score a good deal on a ssd on Newegg. I got lucky because I had a computer repair class at the time and my teacher switched out my drives. Before I switched, I was using Windows 7 so I just bought a copy of Windows 8 (That's probably what played a role in the fast boot up time. Lol) I backed up only the important stuff I had using SkyDrive. I hope this...

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I've been trying to work on more "complete" artworks and so far... I'm in so much pain Its really annoying how easy is to completely mess up the proportions and perspectives, but I guess I can only keep practicing
Apologies for the bugs featured in the Red Light preview build (although it is a preview), they should've been fixed in the new patch I just released. View the previous profile post for a link to the Itch.io.
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Feeling cute, might make an essay on the presence of Malaise in the gaming industry. idk
Just went to Metrocon here in Tampa Florida. My first anime convention. They had an anime chess battle and some funny impromtu comedy. The comedy was my favorite part. How is everyone?

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