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I liked Mouse Trap as a kid. That was pretty fun. I don't know if it qualifies as a puzzle though...
Although taking from that inspiration, you could have a puzzle where you need to have something at point A reach point B. This would be done by connecting passageways/pipes/whatever fits the object, so it reaches the destination. Think Pipe Dream (If you're old enough to remember that game on like, Windows 95?)

Bam. Mouse trap strikes again.
Maze w/ 450x40

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Just for the record I have greatly enjoyed the past couple months of using RPG Maker MV - enough that I went ahead and bought MZ although it's going to be a bit before I seriously start a project with that.
I have a pretty reasonable alpha of one game that's got roughly 4 hours of content and some bits and pieces of others after only about 300 hours total time and about 2 1/2 months of owning RPG Maker.....
I completely forgot which forum had the personal blogs for members. :LZSlol: It was probably a forum for the Ace program. I was going to see about posting a blog post, but I'm too tired, and if its associated with Ace, then its a moot point. :LZSlol:
I've had some hard times. A co-worker accused me (not going into detail here), and I am trying finish training next week. Still not paid yet, I think next week.

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