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Ms Littlefish
I tend to paint right into photoshop, too. I sometimes scan in a few pencil lines but the way I sketch is way too hatch marked to make solid black lines out of. I'd really like to get better at that though.

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Anyone know the best size image to put in signature?
Well, the local collections agency is hiring... bleh. I'm not rude enough for them to hire me. Even the people they collect FOR don't like dealing with them. >.>
EA: "Kids are buying currency, not using money to gamble. It shouldn't be illegal!"
Me: "So... kids should be allowed into casinos to buy poker chips and not spend them at the blackjack table? Pretty sure, even buying currency used to gamble is illegal for children."
Been hard at work in photoshop working with MOG scripts for main menu & victory result screens, might do all my maps and Npc chatter this week too!
The most words I have ever written in an entire document is in my game's script, jeez i have a lot of characters that ramble on

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