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That Bread
That Bread
Thats what I'm doing! Its a good thing to plan before you jump, it gives your story direction. Not just a compilation of on the spot events.
But on the spot events is what I live for!
That Bread
That Bread
Well if you can do it then go for it! :p I know I may have a few on the spot for humorous little tid bits.
Hmph, I knew it.
Welcome to my world! Every time I go to work on my actual game, I always realize that my Database doesn't have what I need, so I start planning more junk to throw in there instead of actually doing anything.
@CC: Oh, so planning is normal... I thought I was weird :p

@Uzuki: I usually am too, but I realize if I don't plan at all, my story will just be a bunch of random connected events.

@Dalph: Hmph. Problem? > :|

@Tai_MT: I haven't even touched the database except to add attacks I've thought up. I'm going to have a lot more to do when I have to delete everything I don't need ._.

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it took soooo long to get character assist to work right in my game. like certain fighting games, a team mate can hop in, do an attack, then leave. it works since these are all one on one fights (usually)
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Hi! I've been working on some character sprites for my pirate themed game.
Still somewhat new to pixel art, so feedback or inputs would be appreciated ^^
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