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That Bread
That Bread
Thats what I'm doing! Its a good thing to plan before you jump, it gives your story direction. Not just a compilation of on the spot events.
But on the spot events is what I live for!
That Bread
That Bread
Well if you can do it then go for it! :p I know I may have a few on the spot for humorous little tid bits.
Hmph, I knew it.
Welcome to my world! Every time I go to work on my actual game, I always realize that my Database doesn't have what I need, so I start planning more junk to throw in there instead of actually doing anything.
@CC: Oh, so planning is normal... I thought I was weird :p

@Uzuki: I usually am too, but I realize if I don't plan at all, my story will just be a bunch of random connected events.

@Dalph: Hmph. Problem? > :|

@Tai_MT: I haven't even touched the database except to add attacks I've thought up. I'm going to have a lot more to do when I have to delete everything I don't need ._.

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You have 6 numbers for PIN and 10 numbers of input. This means, for the rest of your life, you will at least never press the other 4 numbers.
:kaoswt: Doing this for 100s of dialogues over 100s of 3DCGs...

No matter how long it takes, the cliches of modern humanization still enrage me. :(


Random Person: Looks are superficial. It doesn't matter what a hero looks like.

Same Person: EVERY hero NEEDS to look like a human even if they're not supposed to be and it makes no sense for them to look human.
Happy treason day, Colonial friends <3

I am officially amused. One of the NPCs in my project is basically meant as the guy you check in with to point you where you should go next, including if you’ve been away for a bit and have forgotten.

I can conclusively say he does his job nicely. I was out of town over the weekend. I had forgotten what I was working on, so I checked what I had last done with him for a reminder. ^.^

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