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Jesse - PVGames
Jesse - PVGames
But I want to turn the tides of war... today!
Even tho I haven't played it yet, I really feel like Dekita's game should be an iphone app(game). Is there any way of actually doing this?
It certainly is possible. Sufficient funding would be required though :/

Never know - maybe i will do a kickstarter when all the IGMC results are announced :)
You should, i'd back it.

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So in my stream for the No Travel Game Jam, I mentioned we were going to do a teaching make a game from beginning to end series of streams, but it had to wait on an announcement I couldn't make yet before I could start... Keep your eyes on our twitter tonight.
Surprise extra Text Adventure session! Feel free to drop by!
I just started parallax mapping. Better results for sure, but a lot more time consuming. It's more fun than I thought though.
After a bit of away time due to virus and friends in crisis (friends get priority!) I think things have calmed enough for me to try to resume my activity everywhere. :kaoluv:(I still been working on projects though!)
After watching 'Whisper Of The Heart' I've got the song 'Country roads' stuck in my head.
Don't mind it so much as that I was singing today at my Church. :kaoswt:

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