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I'm doing good! Got lots to get on with, but I'm enjoying work lately so I don't mind being busy~

It's windy and overcast here, but no rain... yet.

How're you doing Ms Littlefish?
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
Very well! I think I'm the upward end of a sinus infection, so that's a bonus. I have a lot of work these days, too! And I don't mind it either.
I'm fine too, I don't work during these days (I'm in a sort of break) so things are a bit slow here.

ugh...Sinusitis is so damn annoying, can cause headaches, nausea and pressure on the nose. Drinking hot beverages (especially tea) helped me a lot when I had it.
Ms Littlefish
Ms Littlefish
I have a lot of medication for it. When I get sinus problems, I have a lot of problems with my ears. I always drink hot liquids and plenty of water too.
I'm great thnx, just passed my practical driving exam for driving the work vans. :)

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