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I don't see how it matters if it's in development or not. I mean, would the comments not be applicable for the finished game?

Additionally, if you didn't want feedback on your game, why did you post it?
If your game gets bashed, just pick yourself up and work to make it better. I've had a good amount of bug reports for my current game but I've just dedicated myself to fixing them to ensure that things are right for next time.
Yeah their were complains and they were valid.

I guess that encourages me to try harder.

My game isn't really that bad, in fact I don't think its bad. But their is a very large room for improvements.

I am making it for the fans after all, so I guess I need to accept criticism.
If the points made were valid, what's the problem?

How can you post a project and complain about getting constructive criticism? Isn't that a good thing?
Reynard Frost
Reynard Frost
It's bad, because it's a demake. If you were remaking it with better 3D graphics, then it'd be awesome. Instead, make a fan sequel, or an alternate storyline, or a prequel. Don't just remake the game and share it around like it's a grand idea.

If I want to play MML2, I'll just play MML2.
Reynard Frost
Reynard Frost
But if you want to remake it to get familiar with the engine, that's totally fine. Hell if you just want to do it for fun, that's fine. But just realize that most people either won't care, or will knock it down. Because you're doing nothing but trying to re-create something that's lower quality than the original.
Its not lower quality, its an RPG Version of the game and with a lot of things added to it.

P.S , Check this screen shot :


Mind you, some people does this to Sonic the hedgehog games. Some people re-create sonic adventure and make it 2D (Non-RPG). What about some thing that is close to RPG Like Mega Man Legends.
Plus I could do it to the new fans of the game. Those who never played it.
last but not least , its Beta. Expect it to look Ugly.

Its like just a skeleton without flesh, you know what I mean.

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