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His tracks are always so wonderful.
In a narrative Choose Your Own Adventure-style RPG, do you prefer the narrative to be in 2nd person ("you saw", "you thought"), or 3rd person ("he saw", "he thought")?

What's your preference, and why?
So I have been wondering, if a scientist had to fight mano-a-mano, what kind of weapon he could use besides guns, injecting himself with Super Drug X, and piloting Mecha 13th?
3 hours of trying to figure out why my world creator was respawning stuff I wanted spliced out... Only to discover I foolishly trying to splice an object and not it's array position. *facepalms * Oh well at least some good came out of it, I remembered how much fun it is to squish Yanpi. :LZSexcite:
Since I have seen a few thing on MZ I can now tell that it will not be a disappointment. Seems like we got a product that kinda justifies its price to be honest. And you know I am hard to please and always honest.

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