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Gothic Lolita
Gothic Lolita
Congrats. :D (\s/)

Want an XBOX ONE too. :)

Because of Forza 5, Destiny, Sunset Overdrive, so many great games. :D (\s/)
So far I have AC 4 and Unity (it came with them) and Halo: MCE. I reeeally want Destiny. My brother has Sunset Overdrive and he said it's awesome.
Gothic Lolita
Gothic Lolita
Can believe that. :D

My brother likes also Borderlands Pre-Sequel and Dragon Age Inguisition. ;) (\s/)
Ah, great series (uhm....plural of series XD)! :)
Gothic Lolita
Gothic Lolita
Sorry, can't help with that. :D

My english grammar is terrible. :/ (\s/)

What I can recommend is The Evik Within. That game is really awesome. <3 /)

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Edit:From what I can tell it uses Autotile kinds to do that.
Edit 2: The editor determines it and packs picture data for the engine....

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