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Silent Darkness
Silent Darkness
.....I hate it when a game does that. I understand that not every game characters' backstories should be all sunshine and roses, but can't there be someone who had an upbringing that wasn't a fight for survival or brain-shattering bad times?

And i'm busy grabbing more of Tsukihime's scripts.
Silent Darkness
Silent Darkness
Seriously. You can only pull that heart-string so many times before it hardens.
No no its not like that, I shouldn't have said all, and to be fair a good number of them have backgrounds that only improved them. It's just some needed these backgrounds so that the... quirks in their personalities made sense.
Also its not necessarily their entire background, more like a specific event... everyone has that low point in their life that they look back on.
Silent Darkness
Silent Darkness
That's better, I suppose.
Ok, I'm glad after all you are right, you can't just make a cast of mind broken characters who are all depressed about how awful their lives have been.

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