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XP is harder to use than VXA, but in regards to XASABS, you 'only' need to use tags and script calls from within the events.

You wouldn't need to alter the actual scripts (which, in my opinion, are a nightmare compared to VXA).

Using the examples from the demo, start small with your eventing.
Meh it's not most of the script that got me it is the tool creation they treat it like the monsters should be the hard part but the tool creation is what gets me everytime xD Now I could very well use what's already there but then no one would wanna play because it's the same as the demo
I guess it's because that there are a lot of 'tools' that you can create. Also, good puzzles are really hard to make for a lot people. Don't lose hope.

Maybe you can mess around with the default XP system first to get used to it before moving on the XAS ABS.

If you open the script editor and click on the 'XAS' title, you can see a long list of tags and script calls that can be used in eventing.

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