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Neon Black
Neon Black
The Ruby used by RGSS3 is the base version of 1.9.2, excluding extra classes such as Socket, and some others. RGSS3 is pretty much a library built for Ruby to enhance it's functions.
Tornado Samurai
Tornado Samurai
So if I wish to learn Ruby, Codeacademy will be helpful, but the knowledge is incomplete if I plan to make a script of some kind in RM, then? Or I won't necessarily need to use the extra classes?

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The last two months of 2020 were bitter for me. It was a hard year.

January came and there wasn't so much to celebrate.

Nonetheless we must keep pushing.

I know I'm late, but I'm here to wish you all a good, safe and prosperous 2021.
Sooo I tried CSP Ex today.

One word. "Passionate" or maybe "emotional", either way, such states determines the heat on this hot headed fire ball. Destructive and powerful, this monster might not be a good first choice for a newbie taming monsters.

This hyper-energetic monster hops and runs around; full of life, or should I say full of water? Also known as the "Water Balloon" monster he can set out a quick jet stream of water capable of piercing through the toughest of armor.

This ball of mud has quite the lazy attitude towards it's tamer. While it may be weak on offense attacks, it excels greatly on defense and support abilities.

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