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Nathan Frost
Nathan Frost
I never had experience, but if I was the one investing my money I would just make sure you'd honor your word.
LOL. Thanks for that. I'm talking about what someone would want to see in a presentation. My word means nothing. That's what legal documents are for.
Be prepared and rehearsed enough that you don't sound rehearsed. Firm handshake with eye contact, dress professionally. Sell your idea with as many facts as you can. Investors love numbers and percentages, so have some facts and numbers ready. Come prepared with a few questions for them as well. Good luck and congrats!
Nathan Frost
Nathan Frost
well legally speaking of course ;) but star explained it much better.
Star makes some good points.

minimum viable product and/or current project progress

projected sales figures(return on investment)

Be excited, but professional (they need to see your passion)

Don't say things like "uhhh" or "ummmm"

Don't cross your arms
Having a timetable that lays out the next 18 months of development couldn't hurt either

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