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Simon D. Aelsi
Simon D. Aelsi
For whatever reason, necroposting is frowned upon here, if I'm not mistaken (Obviously, spammers do it and it's not good :) ). I wonder if there an somhow be an exception on legit questions? Maybe it doesn't cost any bandwith to just make a new thread... :o (I have no idea how that works, FTR)
I know Necroposting is frowned upon in almost all forums. I'm just not sure if it'd be ok to start another thread of a similar topic in the same section of the forums.
Between necroposting and "duplicating" a thread, I'd rather necropost, but mods here may think different
Simon D. Aelsi
Simon D. Aelsi
NPosting to spam obviously isn't good, but I wonder if we can somehow make NPosting a relevant question or post OK.

I've seen threads of many years bumped up with "LOL K" before :p
Two years old is a long time. Read through the topic then start a new one.
Simon D. Aelsi
Simon D. Aelsi
*shrug* Well, there's your answer!
Woohoo, alright then lets see if I can make this work then! :D (Maybe tomorrow though since its almost 2:30am.)

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