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Jesse - PVGames
I feel your pain! I have to mow it every week otherwise it becomes a jungle. On top of that, my house came with various lilac bushes, hydrangeas and other stuff I have to take care of. I'd rather be sitting inside :)

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I've discovered Stardew Valley and now I'm an addict. To think that one person designed this...
There a thread out there that tells us the best way to open an RPG that isn't 'the protag gets out of bed'?
Updated my state Stacker Script on itch.io, github is down for some reason (probs just me).
Wife watching Locke and Key. This show is so bad!! You can't just acclimate to discovering magic or magical worlds in less than 60 seconds.
I think I still prefer RPG Maker over Dreams. Been playing around with it, and the controls are really the biggest flaw for me.

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