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and what is that?

i need to know XP
The Mighty Palm
The Mighty Palm
"Perfect Multi-Gym". its like a push-ups/pull-up/sit up thingy.
Dark Horseman
Dark Horseman
If it's a pull-up bar, just keep it on a doorway near the shower or kitchen. I usually end up doing a few in the morning or when I grab a snack.
The key to things like this is recommitting regularly. It doesn't matter if you don't do so well one day as long as you do it again the next.

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It was at 3am Pacific May 25 that Skynet was created. And it came in the form of a messenger plugin so powerful it now runs my randomizer and does it better than the randomizer itself did. What have I created? :kaoback:
Found out someone took one of my artist's commissions, edited it and claimed it as their own. Called them out on Twitter, got blocked. Not sure whether to feel irritated or honored.
Im so glad that im into 16/32bit games because i'd never be able to create any assets for something more complex :p
I was thinking of MAYBE (a big maybe) starting an soundtrack resource thread where I would post one track per week.

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