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Bird Eater
Bird Eater
If you really want my opinion, I think it's bad. The titlescreen is just the basic VS titlescreen only then bugged up, the mapping is bad, and the rest just looks like you just copy pased a few scripts in your project without looking at them.
The title screen will change. could you explain how is the mapping bad?

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Playing Aroma Indosiar theme song.
Aroma is an Indonesian TV show about cooking. :)
Working on a characteeer! (Why is it so hard to color hair?) ;-;
Just finished eventing a couple simple puzzles in RMMV, for my very first game "Sample Quest." Just messing around, throwing things together, and calling it a story XD On a non-RM note, got my hair cut today!
I feel the need to inform everyone on the forums NOT to go with Web Hosting Canada for your hosting needs. It is by far the worst customer service and just overall experience I have ever had with hosting and I am Canadian...
Got another eye surgery monday. Hope I'll recover quick and all's well. A bit tired of surgeries. On a happy note, working on the next chapter of Escalia so hope I can continue soon :)

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