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Bird Eater
Bird Eater
You should be ashamed. It's a browser and it's very good for people who have low internet speed. My XP from before would run a browser such as Google Chrome with about half the speed of I.E.
Opera is the way and the light.
For slow computer its fine, but I think for better computers when you could a lot of things at once, its not possible while running explorer.

Fire fox is the best.
Guys, let's not turn this into a "which is the best browser" update.

(Chrome is best browser)

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Oh boi!! Nikki angst!!

Not sure what to call the shrooms, but they eat you up inside for a week, and then they leave you with suicidal thoughts or something. I'm not sure yet.
Turns out our homegirl got an accidental whiff of em. :kaosigh:
Just released a new trailer for Manafinder! It's the TGS trailer! :D I'm very happy with the result!
sooo... im gonna go ahead and release all my game ideas on android as Beta. Everyone will be nice right? cause its Beta... right?...

AABS traps and heals (detail is below the YTB desc)
 I may actually have something I can put into the Boss Battle Build Bout by the time it’s due. It won’t be anything spectacular (or even great (and maybe not even good (I have no idea how to do combat (yay for nested parentheses)))), but I might have a submission none the less.

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