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  1. Ms Littlefish
    Ms Littlefish
    I love all sorts of music so it tends to change daily. I listen to a lot of classical and a lot of jazz. And then other days I listen to a lot of metal and classic rock. And then there are my soundtrack days. Musicals, games, and movies galore!
    Aug 3, 2015
  2. Alexander Amnell
    Alexander Amnell
    Changes daily, right now I'm listening to Simon and Garfunkle; though lately I've been listening to a lot of Delain and Within Temptation. Pretty much listen to a little of everything though except Rap.
    Aug 3, 2015
  3. Seriel
    I listen to the XP RTP.

    Theres 64 of them and I havent got bored yet :p
    Aug 3, 2015
  4. Ossra
    Sometimes I'll listen through certain SNES or NES game soundtracks (Winamp + SPC/NSF file plugin). But for graphic creation I usually listen to an eclectic mix of music. I can't listen to any music while coding ... disrupts my thought process.
    Aug 3, 2015
  5. Kyuukon
    It depends. While working on a boss I tend to listen to some track that relates to it.

    While mapping I tend to stick to some relaxing game/anime BGM.
    Aug 3, 2015
  6. EternalShadow
    I think I'm getting sick of the battle music after about 800 hours... Next track! :p
    Aug 3, 2015
  7. NeoFantasy
    I mostly listen to ost's from games and anime's

    I've played/watched.
    Aug 3, 2015
  8. optimum45
    I always listen to the music and ME's of the map I'm working on. It helps me stay focused on my goals.

    It also sometimes drives me insane, like my map with no music and the "Clock" ME that ran for 8 hours straight as I built it. That clock can die. :p
    Aug 3, 2015
  9. L.W. Flouisa
    L.W. Flouisa
    I prefer silence, I'm increasingly finding myself easily distracted lately.
    Aug 3, 2015