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The Mighty Palm
The Mighty Palm
It sucks being tone deaf, AND artistically challenged.

Don't tell me all I need is practice either. I've been spriting for 7 years now and went to college for Graphic design only to get told to quit, because I had no chance of passing. (Thats right. Art school flunky.)

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What do you do when you're your family's resident computer 'expert'...but you are anything but a computer expert?
I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To make a game is my real test. To play it is my cause.
6.5 million beers are in need for rescue. I don't drink beer too much, but my Czech heart is sinking. It's just a pity that they priced it so high. At this price nobody is interested.
I couldn't have Taco Bell, so I grabbed a giant piece of strawberry cheesecake instead.
Guys one of our Animal Crossing Villagers (Sherb) just told us that he hoped that the villager who was having her birthday had as memorable of a birthday as his sixth birthday. Which was "the one where the clown went into our house and never came back" and that "his mother says she still sometimes hears the honking in the walls".

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