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Seems well enough for another Once Upon A Time Space mood ->

I mean, you know all the visual futurism design that made the series feel so out of this world while feeling so close to the real world?
Yes I have a track of mine in the compilation and also I contributed a guitar solo to the track you hear in the video! Btw where did you remember that series? Wow, such a long time ago! Though I remember watching Once Upon A Time...Life!!!!
It was the second series after Once Upon A Time Man! (initially before made as half hours format just small 2 minutes capsules between two TV shows) Wich Barillé found interesting to do when he closed the fist series with the question.. what about humanity after the 80s? And got to space as if all along it was narrated from some arch to save humanity from their planet turned into wasteland.

Then they started to go into the speculative future with information they already had...

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If I ever need to stay up late working on projects, I always get tired. Do you guys think I should try G-Fuel to keep me up and focused at night? And if so, what flavor is best?
I do tend to be quite a night owl.
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