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  1. The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Haha! I might do the same, actually.
    Sep 15, 2015
  2. PixelHeart
    it dosent work
    Sep 15, 2015
  3. Dalph
    I'm excited for MV but I'll stick with ACE for now and nobody can convince me otherwise. :D
    Sep 15, 2015
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  4. Alexander Amnell
    Alexander Amnell
    ^I think they come out with new engines a little fast considering the point of the product is to make games with them. I'm excited about it using JavaScript and a few other things but at the same time it isn't enough to make the many hassles and setbacks of migrating worth it... so for now I'll definitely be sticking with Ace as well.
    Sep 15, 2015
  5. Vox Novus
    Vox Novus
    You'll be fine sticking with Ace it's important to consider that MV won't have nearly as much support and resources as other makers when it first comes out. Besides Javascript the biggest reason to be interested in it though is that it can be used for non-windows games. This means a bigger market to sell games to for developers.
    Sep 15, 2015
  6. Shaz
    You think it's too fast? I recall reading comments from people for the last 12 months or so asking when a new engine is coming out and that it's time for a new engine.
    Sep 15, 2015
  7. Vox Novus
    Vox Novus
    It has been a few years since Ace seems a reasonable enough time for a new maker especially since this one is offering quite a number of new features.
    Sep 15, 2015