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Alexander Amnell
Alexander Amnell
But QTE's and their ilk let you have interactive combat scenes, it doesn't matter if the player is trying to enjoy a snack during the cutscenes or not, the proper way to play is vigilantly scanning your screen for surprise button inputs that kill you and make you watch the seven minute scene again if you do it wrong... I wish games would just let their gameplay be gameplay and their dialogue be dialogue, who wants a weird mismatch of both?
The Stranger
The Stranger
Five minutes into a cut-scene, a small icon suddenly appears in the lower left corner of the screen, urging you to hit R1. You fail to pick up your gamepad in time, missing the chance to see whatever that prompt wanted you to see. :p

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same caption as before. :3
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Each new game means new ways to survive and you need to adapt when you have 10 different stores with lots of items for your adventure
It took really long to gather the 4 siblings to make this pictur- where did the fourth one go!?

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