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Niten Ichi Ryu
Niten Ichi Ryu
I would say yes. GTBS for instance can be used concurrently with native front view. (Maybe with SBS scripts too)
The Black Swordsman
The Black Swordsman
Oh really, LoL Thats what I was just trying to implement is some sort of tactical BS. I'm gonna have to try out GTBS then for that matter with Schala! Man, that would be sweet if it works XD
The Black Swordsman
The Black Swordsman
any other tactical BS besides GTBS? I kind of dont like how the 3d settings for GTBS though. I kinda want to keep it 2D

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Ok is telling someone that their drawing isnt good rude
I'm familiar with MZ thanks to jam now. I say it's a better working and looking MV. Lots of plugins too and FOSSIL helps alot. It's not bad.
Some more progress <3 and in most important news:
ALPACARAPTOR SPRITE! (not animated yet, though :( )
At the risk of giving myself even more work to do, I kinda wanna redraw the faces of the MV RTP to be a little less.. uhhhhh..

Hmm...you'd think in this day and age, what with Japanese Schoolgirls frequenting anime, JRGs and whatever else...that someone might have made some gym clothes for the generator. You know, the ones with the short bloomers.

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