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If you get a reasonable inspector all they care about is the real show of effort. Back when I had those we used to watch the inspectors to figure out what they cared about and checked. They cared a lot about the bathroom vent but didn't care if the floor had been mopped.
Well, the last time I got yelled at for inspection was things like, "top of fridge is dirty" and "there is hair in the bathroom and hard water stains on the plastic toilet seat". It was all deemed "unsanitary". The top of my fridge just had tide detergent dried on it, ha ha. The hair was just near the sink 'cause I'd shaved that morning. Now, I just get anal about the inspections.

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Woot got a promotion and a pay rise ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ now I'm set.
does anyone feel like explaining to me the difference between simulation and emulation? you have my full permission to be as pedantic as you want.
About the Deer, I had to cut some piece of video due the *swearing* Youtube copyrights issues...
A caveman pokes his head in...
I was listening to songs by Chuck E Cheese's voice actor (Jaret Reddick from Bowling for Soup) when the meds I was taking for my stomach virus apparently stopped working. I can't take my next dose until morning, but it's no use anyway. I'm officially sick again. Of course, I'll definitely take the next dose either way, but it's useless now.

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