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I think a lot of people experience a similar type of fear. Perhaps a good solution to try out is to make a tiny, small game that you wouldn't be nearly as afraid failing. And definitely prototype, prototype! Make opportunities to practice and get feedback on things you want to flesh out later.

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Give me some feedbacks please. x) Link: ♫ Let Us Play ♫ (Take note it's the first music I made, that even I find the music kinda off).
Who would think putting a power button on a side of a laptop is a good thing? You want to move the laptop and you suddenly press the button.
The second draft of my script is almost done, and I don't think I'm going to write a third draft. I'll make changes to dialogue here and there, but I'm happy with the series of events the way they are.
How you feel about font and dialogue box changing for every main character while the minor cast and regular npc get their own styles? Too much?

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