Comments on Profile Post by Panda

  1. Dalph
    So many negative reviews there, it really annoys me tbh.
    Oct 26, 2015
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  2. Hoppy
    The game was released before it was ready.
    Oct 26, 2015
  3. EternalShadow
    It's not a game, it's an engine :p
    Oct 26, 2015
  4. Touchfuzzy
    Some of the bugs we would have never caught before release. A lot of these bugs are things we've never seen despite thousands of hours of playtesting.
    Oct 26, 2015
  5. Hoppy
    I get my wording mixed up sometimes, but the fact it was released too early still stands.
    Oct 26, 2015
  6. djDarkX
    That's the Steam community for ya.
    Oct 26, 2015
  7. atasuke10
    I actually think MV is pretty good despite the starting bugs. I had no real problems with it that stopped me from using it.

    Also steam community is very judgemental :p
    Oct 26, 2015
  8. ??????
    As long as the bugs are fixed - quickly, i dont think it will have too much a negative impact on the engine :)
    Oct 26, 2015
  9. deilin
    I'm yet to see any release without bugs. I"ve seen many MMOs released and are unplayable. If You've ever played ArcheAge, it's all bugs and exploits.
    Oct 26, 2015