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Tell him if he'd really prefer to see man-bits bouncing around instead of woman-bits, he can go play Mount Your Friends.
Vox Novus
Vox Novus
Isn't that sort of the idea behind uncharted or something?
That's one of the main reasons why a lot of people don't like tomb raider; they simply cannot see enjoy the game because they are unable to relate to the protagonist.
I am female and prefer female main characters 99% of the time so I can understand. Granted it won't stop me from playing a game with a male MC...but nothing wrong with having a preference and it says nothing about your sexuality IMO. Definitely more about being able to put yourself into the role of the MC.

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Its-a me, Pergold from Gamejolt!
I added footstep sounds to our content that I posted in a previous thread. I was unable to edit the post, so if you're interested, see below.


I've started working on rpg maker again, and I can see a lot of improvement from when I was 13. I still have a long way to go, but I'm proud that I've gotten this far.
Animated Title screen is by SharkerrBlue(SB)
I am using the Nightmare Land pack.
I just can't walk to the store for lunch without walking past people smoking. It not only smells bad, it's probably poisoning me. I'm afraid I'll eventually have to be hospitalized. I can't take another path because there's too much traffic and drivers in the plaza are reckless sometimes. I almost got run over once, even after looking both ways.
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Your art works about Wyrvens and Dragons are sooooooooo cooooooooool~! I like them so bad
Can you create more? like Archangels, Devils, Titans, Cyclops!!

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