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how old is he and what does he like?
He's 25 and he likes video games and old tv shows. I'm thinking of giving or making a sentimental gift for him, though. I'm just not sure what :/
buy him a nice and sexy lingerie (you wear it of course. unless he have a fetish or somewhat) :D .

other then that... maybe something with his hobbies... he like to play golf... buy golf stick. he like to play soccer... buy soccer shoes. he like to ride bicycle... buy him new bicycle accessories. he like games... buy him nice new release game. he like books... you know the rest.
basically to show him... you know his interest after this time you're together.

also gift like matching clothes, watch, wallet, etc... might not enjoyable for men (at least me :D ).
Niten Ichi Ryu
Niten Ichi Ryu
if you guys have kids, I suggest a getaway with a day out followed by one night with nice dinner and spending the night outside, a nice outfit for the diner, and a nicer outfit for the "after dinner". If you dont have kids, suggestion still holds anyway. I usually marks anniversary with my wife not by a gift but by an event where we may creates memories for the two of us.
@estriole: lingerie's a classic idea, but not really what I'm going for here :p

@niten: We used to go out every year for our anniversary for dinner, a movie, and pool where we had our first date, but we decided not to this year. Hence the issue - him and I have never exchanged gifts before. It was his idea, too :/
Speaking as a sage old fart of 36 here... Odd though it may sound - you can never go wrong with a few pairs of black socks. Underwear may be slightly loose or pinchy, a book may be unpalatable, a game can be a buggy irritant... but socks are always good.

Unless, of course, he wears sandals. ;)

Also, while cash is incredibly tacky, a gift card for one of his favorite stores would probably be good, too.

Oddly, it's the people who are "impossible to shop...

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