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I've always seem CTB as "Conditional Turn-based Battle", though I guess it's the same? At the end they are an ATB with a different presentation (displaying the predicted turn order instead of gauges); I like how they allow for more tactical decision making, if the game is balanced for that.
Looks that way. Also consider that we're getting the Class Change Plugin if you look closely at the icons. Those are the MV Fab Four all dressed like Harold.
The Infamous Bon Bon
The Infamous Bon Bon
@Mellye - I like the tactical element and yeah it really is just like ATB but different looking. If we are lucky it will display where the actor will be in the turn order before you finally decide your action, so you can change your mind if the action is going to take to long for example.

@SpellcraftQuill - I didn't notice at first because of the different clothes on the lower half, but you're right they all have the same head thingy.

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In the past hour I've both joined and left the RPG Maker subreddit. So many memories were made. Power to the gam mak!
So the number one complaint I get so far is the levels are simply too large. What's funny is in testing I deemed levels taking too long and actually shortened them. Figuring I could beat them in 5-6 minutes so players would be able to do so in probably double that. I was apparently very mistaken, only one player has mentioned even reaching the second area. Let alone the first boss. :kaoswt:
I don't believe it. I actually did some proofreading in my game - and fixed some grammar errors! I feel so accomplished, knowing I can actually proofread my own writing!
...I've had a bad day, okay? Bad enough for me to want to proofread stuff. :yswt2:
Ughhh, July is not my month. Thankfully, it's nearly done.
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How do I get the new version of the character creator? Thank you in advance!

I fixed the lips and noses for MZ! The files have been updated.

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