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Neo Soul Gamer
Neo Soul Gamer
You have a list in mind or did you need an idea?
Need an idea...
Shiroi Akuma
Shiroi Akuma
Maybe a plugin for NPCs which are approaching the player, but keep a certain distance. Normally they approach until they touch the player, but I think other people will have better ideas :)
I don't think there are any complete stealth plugins yet, it would be awesome - a lot of work, but awesome.

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Hey @Pharonix, just wondering what you're up to lately and if you've had an opportunity to check out the LTBS thread in the past few days...(a couple of us could really use your expertise). Hope you are well and Happy Thanksgiving!
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Been hard at work in photoshop working with MOG scripts for main menu & victory result screens, might do all my maps and Npc chatter this week too!

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