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...yes well...theres helping you grow, then theres confusing the hell out of you. Seeing how you work, even verbally expressing satisfaction with your work, then latter down the line randomly berating you for doing exactly what he previously expressed satisfaction with, then even later down the line berating you again for not doing it the old way you were before.... >:C .... you see, some people you simply cant please.
and then theres the time vs means issue, where the employer wants something done a particular way by a certain time, and the particular way take way too much time to do especially given the fact that you have several other people wanting the same thing done too and not enough people to do it cuz HQ dosent wanna pony up to hire new workers so you end up goin' the "quickie" rout cuz you have a hellishly long line of disgruntled customers, several people in charge of the establishmen...
who shouldent be, and only an 4 hour shift to do it in alongside only 2 other coworkers, one of which is hiding in the back :) . Hehehe....humanity sucks sometimes.
Absolutely not understand all what you wrote. But I feel a hurt in Your words.

But If You a a professional with a conscience - you will never offer to other people a trash. If You are not a professional and You are think that your work fine - it's arrogance.

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making pierogi and corrupting my game files wbu
Trying to regain my will to work on maps T_T
I miss working in rpgmaker but I can only do one thing at a time. Maybe after drawing lessons I can come back.
Ever have a day like... you play minesweeper and your very first click is always a mine?

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