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1. Zelda: OoT/TP

2. Chrono Trigger

3. FF7

4. FF6

5. FF9

6. Super Mario RPG

7. Super Metroid/Metroid Prime/Final Fantasy Adventure

8. Tales of Symphonia

9. Super Castlevania IV

10. Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door/Seiken Densetsu 3
Haha, you're a little sneaky. You've got 14 games in your top 10 list. Of which I've played and loved all of them! (Not as big of a fan of metroid though)

Your list should be:

1 Zelda: OoT/TP

3. Chrono Trigger

4. FF7

5. FF6

6. FF9

7. Super Mario RPG

8. Super Metroid/Metroid Prime/Final Fantasy Adenture

Maybe this (along with those new games) might upheave your list a little bit to see how you value the ones that didn...

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