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Custom tileset? You should see mine. (But I'd rather not display its hideousness...)

Looking pretty good, though. Makes me think of the Video Game Glory Days
I m trying to make some Pop Horror-esque fantasy tiles. I really like that style, and id like to see some made in a different genre :D ...buuuut, im not so great at out door terrain tiles.... :p
you know what, imma scrap this its garbage... :p
Maybe not yet, but if you keep that up, you will be soon.

I am going to be brutally honest here. It looks a little rough in places, but overall it looks great. You'll make minor improvements as you practice and they are going to look amazing
NO! Don't scrap it! Here, let me find my tiles and I'll show you garbage...
Woah, sorry, i didint actually mean i was gonna throw it away. just start over. lol ...ill still keep it, to remind me of my shame.... XP

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How much n would you tolerate having the screen and the options shake/mock for every wrong answer you give in a hypothetical game?
I have officially released JABS 2.00.

Do people think there would be value in releasing the non-JABS plugins as separate posts/threads here on this forum?

Additionally, I just would like to drum up excitement/anticipation/hype that I plan on spinning up the following:
- A custom crafting system that grants is modeled after the star ocean franchise.
- A custom menu system to go along with JABS on-the-map.
If a developer focuses too much on describing the game mechanics in the official trailer for their RPG, I'm going to wonder whether their writing is so bad that it doesn't deserve center stage for their game. This seems to be a pitfall for the marketing on a lot of games.
Only 2 projects ongoing, but not quite started yet: World of Persona (you know how it would go by the name) and GAN.
First one would be kinda of a Persona game, (but international not only Japanese!!!), and the other one is just for Spain (at first) (because it needs to be done for each country after all, it's an all-branches educational game)
As far as i can finish World of Persona, it means GAN is viable.
Evening humans! How goes thou day?

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