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Augh! I know what you mean.

But invariably even when they send all 12 of them, they're all victims of pride and take turns trying their hand at killing the heroes.

"I've got a plan to kill them."

"Well, okay, but if you fail don't bother coming back alive. If you do, we'll kill you for your failure and then one of us will give it a shot, too."
I would be surprised too if my demonic general was capable of throwing meteors from outerspace and summon enormous tsunamis out of nowhere and still got his butt handed to him by 4 teenagers.
Let's not forget that out of those 12 generals, the villain will send the weakest first, who will die to the heroes when they're at level 10, though he could send the strongest who they'd have to be around level 60 to beat. XD
lol... the life of a villain must be hard, especially in the case of more menial problems. "What?! What do you mean the drains are failing and my evil-castle basement is flooding?!

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This days I couldn't do anything... My mind is so confused and I couldn't work at all, I only wanted to play video games with my friends and that made all my projects delay a lot. Someone else feels this kind of thing sometimes? :/

During one remote lesson I needed something to have my hands busy so my brain could focus and now there is a MZ bust of the best boy ever and me.
Today I had a little happy flashback to when my grandpa and I played doctor in his living room. We were visiting him in Tampa. I was about seven years old and my parents were out on an errand, so grandpa and I decided we would spend the night pretend playing. I miss him so much...
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