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Shiroi Akuma
Shiroi Akuma
No, because I don't play many Rpg Maker games, I play only the good lewd ones.  B)
Alexander Amnell
Alexander Amnell
Sometimes, but I also feel that the industry as a whole focuses far to much on mechanics + aesthetics to the exclusion of story presentation, so it all kind of evens itself out when you really think about it.
@Alexander Amnell - I agree.  Although I feel mechanics also take a back seat unless the game is multiplayer focused (if the game is AAA anyway).

We have all these epic cut-scenes and such, but the actual story behind the games of the AAA industry are generally pretty tame and generic.

Indie games generally focus of mechanics a lot more (probably due to limited budget and time).

I just wish more rpg maker games tried harder then just letting the player spam attack to win most battles.
Alexander Amnell
Alexander Amnell
Agreed, my biggest pet peeves with traditional rpgs is the use of the standard attack/guard commands, to the point that when working on mechanics the first thing I did was remove both of them entirely.
Crimson Dragon Inc.
Crimson Dragon Inc.
but the standard attack and guard commands are well needed..... so what if a player decides to just spam them thats on the player.... its up to the developer to create machanics that make the player want to use other tactics.... but to take them out completely that just ruins the experiance...... 

also IMPHO machanics, story, and presentation need to be balanced but doing that takes alot of work which some developers would prefer not to do..... my idea is make the story, make side quests, decide on machanics (i always prefer as much micromanagement of the party as possible for the player) then implement
Alexander Amnell
Alexander Amnell
@EinherijarWho the hell uses the standard-fair rpg guard command? I've never played a game where it was even useful, let alone a necessity; as for the default attack command, it's only really needed in lazy development as an easy-out for developers who don't want to delve deep enough into their games mechanics to actually prevent the scenario of a player overusing their resources and being left without an action in battle. In my experience either these default commands are not necessary or used (in a decent battle system) or can be spammed to victory (mediocre) yet neither idea makes them seem valuable to me.

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