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You would have to go to each artist and ask for distribution rights...
I fully support this idea, except for the part where you would need to get permission from every person that made parts, and also document which parts were made by who and what filenames they now have.
@soɐɥʞpǝɹǝʇlıɥd & taarna23: Yes indeed would be no easy task but I'm sure most of the artist's wouldn't mind packaging them with others.

We could even start a thread of all the generator part's so that each new piece would already have the proper file name.

Topic title something like: THE HUGE GENERATOR RESOURCE TOPIC
Unfortunately it's not that simple.  Even if everyone did give permission, there's still a huge chance that they won't get credited if their pieces are used simply because people forget who made what.  Labeling each piece with the maker's name could help, but that still means the user has to go and check which parts they used in the game (and we all know not everyone will do that).  The only way to make sure that people are credited is to say that everyone whose pieces are in the huge pack have to be credited, but that would lead to people being credited even though their pieces aren't actually used in the game (which could be disheartening if someone is excited to see their parts being used in a game only to realize they weren't used at all).

Unless someone can come up with a full-proof way for this to work, I think it's better for people to locate the pieces they need by themselves.
I don't seem much difference in grabbing from each topic or getting them all in a pack.

If the developer is going to give proper credit they will, if they weren't the still wouldn't.

As long as everything is well documented it shouldn't be any different. Just could be more organized is all.

However that said I do see both sides. :)
PS. @hiddenone I love all your fantastic work! :cutesmile:

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