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Shiroi Akuma
Shiroi Akuma
Don't mind me! I'm just stalking other peoples status feeds. O/

I think she did.
Ghost of Christmas Kloe
Ghost of Christmas Kloe
Wait WHAT!?! You're stalking status feeds... I should post anything there for a bit then...

Anyway, ok, thanks!
Nope, those are Images from a game called Ragnarok online.

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so hopefully tomorrow i get to go home from the hospital i've been here for 5 days already and it's driving me mad. I miss my family like crazy but at least I get to use my own toiletries and my own clothes. My mom is coming to visit soon i can't wait to see her cause i miss her the most. :kaojoy:
Couple hours of work. Might use in my game as a secret find or something. Not sure. Fancy though no? :D
Holy stink, where have I been? Well, I started my temporary job this week. So less time to spend on game design... :(
Cartoonier cloud cover that better fits the art style, as well as (slightly) improved blending/fading... fading clouds when there are larger patterns is still somewhat abrupt for some reason.

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