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If you think of something that's not quite right above, or something that's missing, say so.  I will consider adding/changing it.  But I might also just leave it the way it is - it's already quite long, and people already don't read the rules, so I don't want to turn it into more of an essay than it already is.
By "closing inactive threads", about how long is considered inactive? (so I can do minimum bumps necessary to keep my thread alive) Since (at least in my experience) generally people (clients, at least) rarely reply to classified shop threads but rather opt directly for a PM, and only really reply when I ask them to write a review of their experience xD but if the same person commissions me multiple times, it's not like I can ask them to write multiple reviews. And I rarely have a reason to bump threads, since most of the work I do for others isn't publicly released unless I think the resource has widespread applications.
By "inactive threads" I mean those opened by people who fit the description in the first part of the status - people who came, advertised, and left, and never bothered to return to answer questions or update their threads.  If you could post a thread today and have it accepted according to the above requirements, any existing thread of yours will be left alone, no matter how long ago it was last updated.
Honestly, it sounds fine and fair.

For your own peace of mind you might want to put a disclaimer on there about expectations of the following:

Approximately how long before a poster can expect feedback and/or approval (example: If you do not hear back in 1 week or see your thread approved, please use the report post option or PM you?)

Just food for thought. Many long time members often forget that the moderators aren't here 24/7 and even those that spend a LOT of time every day here are doing so because there are just so many things pulling at their attention at once. So if they see a timeline they may refrain from pestering anyone too quickly :)
Good idea - thank you.  The above is only the NEW part - the rest of the rules remain, and I thought there was already something in there.  A quick glance shows there isn't, so I'll go ahead and add it.

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edit: third time's the charm? some graphic text I whipped up that I like for the mid-game intertitle, now with all of the actual letters in the stupid damn words I was trying to spell :uswt2:
It is december, my dudes

I love it when a plan comes together, and especially when Ruby decides to work with me when I decide to code. :kaopride:
Got sick and had to take a few days off work in order to get tested and make sure it wasn't the big one. Felt a lot better today and thought to myself, "Hey now, I can't get tested until tomorrow anyway, I can get so much character art done today!"
....I watched Youtube and browsed this site for hours instead.
But at least I'm doing the art now! Yaaaaay.......
Didn't wanna spam the feed by posting Denzel's spritelayer separae, but I'm real happy with how this concept is coming along so wanted to share it, innit :D

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