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Um, excuse me Shaz. I have a question; back in 2013 I shared a post of an RPG game I was creating; I left the project behind, but I released it recently after many changes.

The post is still there; so what would be the process to share the game? Updating the post and follow the rules for it of course, hehe. But do I have to inform a moderator about this once I update it? :)
This should be the way things work ALL THE TIME.  PM's do not move you to the front of the list or make the attention you get better somehow, mostly what they do is delay the solution to your problem because only one person (and not necessarily the right person) is asked to solve it.

@Kizami  Your question doesn't need Shaz specifically to answer it, does it?  Unless the thread doesn't show up or is archived or locked you don't need to inform us at all.  If it's locked or archived then just report it with a message about what you want.
I thought it wasn't a question worth enough to create a topic, so that's why, hehe :)

Anyway, thank you very much for the info Sharm =D
Please do create a thread or use the report facility wherever possible.  I don't want to speak on behalf of the other moderators, but I do know many of them are in the same situation.  The majority of moderators/staff here do forum support on a volunteer basis.  The rest of the time they have jobs, either for Degica or for someone else, and families.  These, along with moderator work, keep them very busy, and it is MUCH preferred that people don't PM them for assistance.  In most cases, ANYONE on the forum can answer, either giving a solution or pointing you to relevant threads.  So it is an added burden on an already heavy workload when you ask for personal support from a moderator via PM, especially when you don't NEED a moderator to help you.

No matter what you think, as long as you've at least done a BIT of a search first, there are very few questions that "don't deserve threads".  

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