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I think that's pretty normal. I like where I work, but if someone offered me something I would enjoy more and pays better, I would probably go. I'd feel bad leaving (because the awesome of the workplace goes all the way up to the guy that owns it), but they'd be all for me finding something better.
I hear you loud and clear.

For me it's almost 100% personal reasons.

I was working at job A for the past 5 years and it's gotten bad at a consistent pace and has become an absolutely awful fit for me (even though I was moving up).

So, I took job B just super recently because it gave me the income I needed to support my family. However, I lost all benefits, PTO, Vacation, Etc. I was still able to work from home so the increase in pay out weighed those losses. 

Now, job C came barreling down the tracks offering a significant bump up in salary compared to Job B... along with the full benefits package (health, vision, medical, life, retirement, etc.). However, they need me to uproot my family and move across the country. That's really the catch I'm working to overcome. From an outside perspective it's a healthy situation to be stuck between. However, it's a really tough call for me to make.

Still deliberating on what to do. I have to make a decision by Monday :x
Well, all I can really say is be sure to talk it over with your family. It definitely affects them, too!
Yup! Thanks for the chat =D

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