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Some of my family is like that. I've opted to avoid contact. x_x
right now, I wish I could :(  
Vox Novus
Vox Novus
It seems like because you are family you'd want to keep up those bonds that you have that are more closely linked than other people you will meet but some people choose their family to and it doesn't always include the people you are blood related to. I have an Uncle who is a nice guy and all but always puts his friends first before spending time with his actual family members.
Vox Novus
Vox Novus
I'd try to get over it with my uncle and just accept him for who he is, my father can't and gets upset with it but I know my uncle isn't going to change suddenly at over 50 years old. If you can do the same with some of your family it might ease any tensions a bit. Cherish and treat the people who do act like a family to you, its the best you can do some times. Hope you sort it out/feel better about it shaz.

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