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I'd suggest Computer Science, as a good understanding of computers is helpful in game making.
Atlas Rose
Atlas Rose
The college's course descriptions aren't very clear. What is the difference between Computer Science and Applications? 
No idea, my college didn't have the second, but computer science is usually required for any class involving computers.
Do you have links to the descriptions, or can you copy/paste them?

Without seeing anything it says, I would suggest computer science would be more about the internal workings of the computer - architecture, logic processing, gateways, you might learn a bit about binary, hexadecimal, assembly language.  Applications would be more about using software to make stuff (or it could be just about using different applications - not sure) - it might be restricted to desktop stuff but if they keep up with the times it might also touch briefly on mobile development.  If you want to do game development, I would definitely suggest computer science, no matter what it covers, and then if you get the option to do them both at some point, do the other one later.

Don't assume I'm right about any of that - unless you can show us what they say about each course, those are just complete guesses.

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