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That Bread
That Bread
Yes dooo it! :D You could have a lot of fun and help alot of people~!
Atlas Rose
Atlas Rose
My only issue is I live with three other people and two small dogs, and I'd be worried about background noise.
That Bread
That Bread
I know the feeling I used to do lets plays but all my recorded lets plays are lost to the internet. I think the only thing I have left is my livestream vids.

I have four family members three cats/ be it their less noisy? What I did was seclude myself in my room with my computer and turn up my fan and other noise makers. If you have a laptop that would work perfectly
That's a good idea :)
Just be prepared for a lot of boring games. Newbie projects are difficult to judge positively, especially if you have a medium-high standard. 

But yeah. Boring games aplenty. Good games and bad games are fun to do, but most are jsut meh. Good luck with it anyway!

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